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Stromlo Bike ‘Cruise’

Stromlo MTB Bike Cruise

Without much racing under the belt, I decided to give XC nationals a miss and try and get some race fitness with some local racing. Road crit Wednesday night, ACT crit champs Friday night, the 100km of Stromlo trails at the Rocky Trail MTB Bike Cruise, and finishing it all off with a CORC 3hr race at Kowen Forest. A 1st and 2nd on the road, plus 2x 1st place off road, made for a good weekend. Even just 2 days later I feel 50% better, ready to race some more.

Gordo (below) had an off in his run over the back, with a pretty bad knock to the head. Hopefully he keeps on it for the next one. Probably the Mont. With all the crap weather coming up though, it’s time to switch to mud tyres I think.

But we got some great weather for this weekend and I’m glad I kicked back here and cruised it, without all the travel and packing etc. Riding to a race, smashing it up, then riding home is where it’s at!

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