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Rocky Trail – not Pork Barrel!

The new Pork Barrel track at Stromlo has been redone. And it’s no longer rocky or techo. It’s now fast and fun, with lumps and jumps to link up and clear. I got to check it out 7 times at the Rocky Trail MTB / Shimano Grand Prix race #1.

After weeks of struggling with health, plus horrible weather dampening things, I was amped to get out at Stromlo on a sunny day and get the legs and lugs pumping. Although I started off easy (through fear of bad form and ‘staleness’) it was great to be carving it up again and just being out there racing against some fast guys on a fun track.

It was a bit of a Rockstar show, with Flemmo leading it out until I took the lead from him on the second last lap, with Lewis third after a big training week.

Although it’s too late to pick up fitness now, it’s great to feel healthy and the Rocky Trail race really helped kick things along. The cobwebs are blown out and I got to test out a few bike position changes. Bring on the Wombat!

Stromlo 4hr

Check out some race footage from the 4hr on Vimeo:

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