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Popping in for the last dirt crit

Having lost track of which day it was, I forgot the CORC/OnyaBike dirt crits were on at Stromlo yesterday. Having done a hard ride around the newly fixed-up Stromlo trails, I finished down the usual tracks, only to see a bunch of riders congregating around a BBQ. Apart from the smell of meat luring me in, I was convinced to race. It was the last one of the year after all, and I’ve missed too many. I did regret after 100m though, when I realised I had no fuel in me, not having eating since breakfast. So I raced in a dizzy and weak state for 5 laps of the old school course, just holding off the even improving Downing and Morton. And Ben Corey decided to give it a miss, displaying his prowess on the hotplate instead.

It was a bit of a blur, but I remember it being fun. I’m keen to do more next season.

Some shots from the race on a nice evening by Russ Baker:

Ben Corey BBQ

Dylan Cooper MTB

Dylan Cooper MTB

Dylan Cooper MTB

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