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Capital Punishment rocks!

The ultimate weekend on and off the bike. Full report and photo/video wrap-up on

Real Insurance XCM Series – Round 1 Capital Punishment from CycleNation on Vimeo.

Crossing the line assuming you’ve won, but having to wait for the official times, is a strange feeling.

It was nice to get back on the podium, despite stuggline to stay on it. It’s a shame I can’t do the next round of the XCM series, being OS during that time.

Head to head with the Ivanator. What a monster! I didn’t know the KOM was there, but wanted to push on that section anyway, so it worked well for both of us, using that as a launch to get more time through the Majura singletrack.

Tom from AROC is on the ball. He, Alina and the crew run some great, creative events that must be a nightmare to organise. They’re on the ball for sure!

Pete’s disappointment was warranted, with a puncture at the half way point while on form.

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