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Bike Fit

Bike Fitting Feature on Flow

The feature below is an article by Flow, written by Simon Davis from Sport and Spinal Physio on the fundamentals
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Spinal and Spinal Physiotherapy bike fit

“10 years of pain and suffering!” – that’s what my feet say when asked about my riding career. They have
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New bike (and big hit) fever – updated

After much deliberation over deciding between a Fuel and a Remedy for gravity racing I’ve now thrown a leg over
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Getting dialled

The gurus at Onyabike dialling my XTC for the next forest thrash.
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I’m blue la da di da di doo

I’ve succumbed to the new era of colour coordination. The main benefit, worth noting, is my Rubena road tread (yes,
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Seeking bike paths

Double Decker

Technology and innovation really are getting out of hand.
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Big upgrade #3 – Stans ZTR Gold

While I always believe it’s more about the rider… These Gold rims from Stans NoTubes make any bike feel faster.
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With my new UST setup and being able to run way lower pressures, riding cyclo-x is now like gliding. Bring
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Lush, green, alpine racing

Despite low numbers, the quality riders are here for the Thredbo National round, kicking off today with the Eliminator. Fast
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