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Wind in the Willo’s


I decided to involve the crowd. Photo:

The third instalment of James Williamson’s Enduro in Wingello was one I was looking forward to for a few reasons.

  1. Racing in James’ honour is always great
  2. Those Wingello single tracks are so good!
  3. The race really does have a special intimate and relaxed vibe, so just being there is cool
  4. I need to keep racing to keep the form building

Having not rested for this race, plus not getting any warm up, I was wanting to hold back from the start and build up. Luckily nobody was really pushing the pace until after a few minutes and some rolling fire trails. Once we approached the first single track though, we were all eager to get a good position. Brendan Johnston pushed the pace up the first KOM climb, then I tried to keep that going over the top and through the next single tracks. I didn’t want to get held up again or get caught in a split before the main climb.

By the end of lap one we’d dropped most riders and it was down to about five of us. We all worked together for that second lap, with only a couple of the riders (Lewis and Taberlay) not doing any work on the front. This proved ‘smart’ later on, with the final effort up the main climb on the last lap splitting the field. Blair was dropped, then Johnston and I couldn’t quite hang on over the top of the climb. I was cramping (quads and hamstrings at once!) and Johnston’s spare wheel he got (after breaking some spokes) was severely rubbing on his brakes. In the end Taberlay and Lewis sprinted for the win, with Sid just getting it.

James would’ve been impressed with the third version of his race. And this year was especially a great turn out at the head of the field. And conditions were perfect. Well done to the race team and volunteers who put in all the hard work. It all seemed to go like clockwork.

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Also read about James and the Enduro Fund aimed at supporting junior MTBers. And make sure you get to this race next year. You won’t regret it!

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