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New bike (and big hit) fever – updated

After much deliberation over deciding between a Fuel and a Remedy for gravity racing I’ve now thrown a leg over my new Remedy. Even after a loop of my back yard (including up and down the deck) I have to say I’m excited to hit up some big, rocky, loose, fast, and steep trails. That’s this afternoon, so I’ll report back on how the 140mm travel rig goes. Just the dropper post and big tyres look like they’ll make for some fun riding on Stromlo…


remedy_rideRemedy test update:

OK, so I’ve hit the trails up with my Remedy and I can now say I’m hooked. This bike has given me a new fondness for speed and air time. Having the drop post to dump the seat when you need to is magic. It’s amazing how moving that seat out of the way makes jumping so much easier. And landing on 140mm of travel is like a dream. Only having to worry about take off and time in the air, rather than what happens after that, was so good! And even just having big tyres (Bontrager XR-4) made hooking around rough and loose trails at speed twice as fun and effortless.

The risk here is getting too used to this bike, then struggling when jumping back on bikes with less travel, skinny tyres and the saddle up my butt. But I think there’s a place for every type of bike. The Remedy’s place is cruising up hills at a solid pace, more to get to the top rather than race to the top of a hill. But the downhill has to be done with speed. This is a real trail bike intended to maximise fun. Even the ride to and from Stromlo was fun, jumping onto and off obstacles I wouldn’t consider doing on my other bikes. Definitely a confidence booster. Still, I might have to get some armour. Higher speed means greater consequences I guess.


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