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National Gravity Enduro Series Race 5

My second enduro (after CORC’s local edition) and once again I had a blast with this Enduro thing. Apart from being caught out with the ‘do it yourself’ palm card thingo timing system and spending about 10 seconds trying to find the finish sensor among the crowd of riders at the end of stage 1 I had a mechanical and crash free run on all three stages. The Rocky Trail crew picked some nice courses with variety. And although some top level riders were out it was mostly the punters having a go and keeping it very social. I really like this format and it’s definitely going to keep getting more popular.

Cory showed everyone how fast he is at Stromlo and I was happy with third. Some good intensity training and skills work. All my runs, especially the first one, highlighted how this style of racing requires you to be in that ‘flat out’ mode, not the ‘ride efficiently’ mode of XC. You need to be set to go 110% before you head off on a run, not decide part way down that you have more in you. Something I’ll work on during my next Remedy ride…

While I don’t get to ride my Trek Remedy 9.8 much at all, when I do I’m reminded I need to get on it more often. While I love the feel of a hard tail and the responsiveness it has, as well as feeling the trail, I do like how the big travel, big tyres, relaxed geometry, and drop post all give you more confidence to hit things up at speed. Things you wouldn’t attempt on an XC bike. So I’ll be scheduling at least one ride a fortnight on this beast and ramp things up.

Stromlo Gravity Enduro podium

Photo: Jaime Black Photography

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