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Mountain Biking in Canberra – Selecting the Best Trails in the Area

Canberra Centenary TrailCanberra is situated in the northeastern section of the Australian Capital Territory, and the region contains a large number of sizable parks and many mountains. Every year, numerous races are held in the area, and long-distance riders frequently stay at the well-equipped campgrounds that are positioned near Canberra. Athletes can train on trails in a wide variety of reserves, such as Sparrow Hill Mountain Bike Park, Stromlo Forest Park and Bruce Ridge Nature Park. Thousands of cyclists also utilize the Canberra Centenary Trail, which has a length of more than 86 miles.

Stromlo Forest Park

This reserve’s tracks have a cumulative length of more than 31 miles, and the trail that is near Holden Creek features a few small jumps and very gradual curves. In contrast, experts can train on Blood Rock, which is an uphill route with a maximum elevation of 2,299 feet. This trail features particularly rocky terrain that consists of many small crevices.

Stromlo Forest Park’s routes are maintained by experts, and races are commonly held in the reserve. Furthermore, the organization that manages the park has designed six loops that contain numerous ridges with curved walls and many small hills.

Majura Pines Ride

With a length of 19.8 miles, this popular trail allows cyclists to perform numerous types of jumps, and the route features a large number of gullies. Situated in the Majura Nature Preserve, the trail has an average elevation of approximately 2,045 feet.

The Long Loop of Sparrow Hill

With a total length of approximately 31 miles, this trail features two tracks. The route contains arches that are made of rock and several wooden bridges. Riders will see many of Sparrow Hill’s features, such as Kip’s Canyon and Lickety Split, and some sections of the track are surrounded by dense forests.

The Western Loop at Lake Burley Griffin

In total, three main routes are situated around this lake, and with a length of approximately 10 miles, the western loop features more hills than the other tracks. Constructed in 2001, the National Museum of Australia is located next to the trail. Cyclists can also check out the National Zoo and Aquarium, and the route traverses the Westbourne Woods, which is in close proximity to the Canberra Golf Club.

Canberra Centenary Trail

This trail has a length of approximately 90 miles and a maximum grade of 20 percent. The route contains some rocky areas and sections with especially loose dirt. Certain parts of the trail have a single track; however, several sections consist of two routes and a fireroad. The Canberra Centenary Trail traverses numerous parks, such as Mount Taylor Nature Preserve, the Urambi Hills Nature Reserve and Pine Island Reserve.

Bruce Ridge Nature Park

Most of this preserve’s routes feature two tracks, and the trails have many switchbacks and relatively small hills. Cyclists may participate in guided tours of the trails on Wednesdays and on Sundays. The organizers will help athletes to find logs that have fallen on the routes, sections that have fairly loose dirt and areas with overgrowth.

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