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Japan Photo Blog: Oct 2010


Trekky checking out the latest selection at our local bakery in Takarazuka. 100 yen per chunk, not bad.

Suki Yaki

Yes, ‘SUKI’!.

#1 Gyouza Team

Dainana’s white gyoza in Kanazawa ruled, as usual. We took a while to find it, but it was worth the driving in circles. Time for a new nav system.


What do I do with this one?


Gaijin struggle with the tatami at the best of times, but BJ was flexible enough.


All gone, but we all struggled to walk out.


Red Alert

So this is why they’re catching all the whales – for mall displays!

Still Kickin’

Why cook your meat and eggs when you can just slap it on a plate.

Ready for action

The boys about to hit Osaka .

Jungle Fantasy

‘Jungle Fantasy’ cocktails dominated.

Escape from Filth

Finding cafes with outdoor seating is a challenge in Japan. Lucky this one in Minoh did, with 90% of people inside sucking down cigarettes like there was no tomorrow.

Minoh Falls

Another cool pose by Trekky, this time with some scenery.

Tunnel Vision

Driving the front through the national park after chewing up some roadies on our travels.

Real DH

Trekky enjoying some mighty smooth roads, twisty turns and perfect weather. All on a real bike too.

Last one, I promise!

The final kick up to home – it didn’t get easier as the year went on.

Car Park Cards

What do you do when you’re waiting for your race dad to finish some practise laps?

Back on it

Trekky’s back, with a shiny loaner.


Shun reclining after a session in Sena. Then the storm came.

Speed Tonkatsu

Ken chowing down some pork and rice .

Eco Bling

I wouldn’t have thought a Pruis could look good, but I have to admit, this one wasn’t bad.


A ride up Hakusan with the DHers brought back memories or DH races in Aus. I still don’t miss the waiting around, but I do miss the runs and the views.


The storm hit hard at Sena. Luckily the trade area/car park was on a slope…

No View

We couldn’t really see much aside from clouds from Hakusan.

In Deep

Days like this make you glad good bike wash facilities are standard in Japan.

No Envy

I was jealous of all the riders when it was clear I was too ill to race… then I checked out the track and the sky.

Mochi Man

Ken fed his Mochi Man some Mochi. Is that cannibalism?

Goma Gone

The spouts on Japanese Udon bowls make it easier to slam it down, especially good when you start getting ‘chop stick cramp’.

Aussie plate!

Amazingly creative really. We even got Tassie in there.

Bad Choice

Winter weather, storms and a mudfest. Bad choice of footwear for the weekend.

100% Pure

What’s the drinking age in Japan again?

Men at Work

The tradies kicking back in the cottage after a long hard day.


The Sena race was the last one of the series. It was one of the few tracks in Japan with SOME good single track… Until they cut most of it out, with only this one and another short one remaining. So they downgraded to what you’d describe as a lame attempt at a cyclo-cross course.


Shun’s dad carved around on the Tomos moto with precision.


An expensive piece of equipment to get wet.


I didn’t mind being forced to spectate today, even with thongs on and no jacket.

Different Perspective

This side of the tape hurts way less, even if it’s colder and less fun.


Feeding Ken kept me busy, while the antics in the feed/tech zone kept me entertained.


Akashi Sushi

Sushi at the Akashi’s was premium.

Big Kid

Nogu and I in the toy room with Taka Chan.

Toot Toot!

My first train set experience was awesome!

The Stable

Why didn’t I get this many toys when I was a kid?!



The Fujimi roots and off-cambers are tricky when you’re off form. For once I was ‘JAMA’.

Dark Soul

This is about 3pm in the afternoon! It was a dark and cold day, mostly internally…

Here we go

After a week of illness, I was feeling dodgy on the start shoot. Not good when you’re about to head up a stupidly steep incline.

In the (Bento) Box

In the lead group early on, due to fresh legs. But the lungs burned. Then came the big bang.

Not Smiling

Tsujiura was tapping, while I was putting the reverse lights on.


Matthews Smashes the u23 Worlds road race sprint

Young Canberra rider Michael Matthews dominates the under 23 road Worlds sprint to bring it home for the Aussie team. Damn impressive!



The Takeguchi girls’ drew these for me. Pretty accurate portraits I reckon.



Full-on Japanese.


Ne San studying for exams in between massagine me and dining at Esquina.


Pro Keirin ride Lee Lin and her nutritionist discussing strict diet plans.



The moist towel – a must in Japan. The better the restaurant, the better the towel.


New Leg

Takeguchi’s fresh new leg, just in.


On Track



Nogu’s tinkering again.


Like a Tiger

Yu and his new do.

Like a Cheetah

Tiger on one side, cheetah on the other. Someone’s bored I think.


Lupine Nomi-Kai

Going hard with the Lupine guys, in different seats.


Some special guests joined in at Esquina.


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