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Japan Photo Blog: Apr 2010

James Williamson

Our best man, Jimi – the one and only – passes away on March 23rd while racing in South Africa. It was due to a genetic heart condition, which couldn’t have been helped, apparently. Despite the shock and sadness of it all, our memories of him are purely positive. We’ll miss him forever. But in the meantime, let’s do what he did best and live it up.



Even the locals in Cape Town were touched by Jimi from one short interaction. They made a plaque for him.


The Boys Doing It

Lewie and Jimi smacking it home in Cape Epic. Jimi’s last days doing what he loved, teaming up with a guy he loved and respected.


In the Box

The amount of times Jimi, Nogu and I lugged boxes around the world is too huge to remember.


Good Times

BBQing at Mal’s shop – the simple things…


Sushi, Hommus and Mint Punch

Jimi showed us how to party. Good times at the Downer house.


Jimi in Action

Doing it in style.


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