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Duo Classic 2013 – pairs racing at its best

With limited fitness, just off a break, I was hesitant to start racing too soon. But the Duo Classic is one race I can’t miss, even if it’s going to hurt. I’m not sure if asking gun Onyabike-Giant rider Lewy Cressy was a good idea, since he’d no doubt put the hurt on even more than necessary. The main aim was no punctures, after my old team mate (the other Lewie) cost us the win last year with two flats. Cressy and I were ready though, and got the holeshot and pushed the pace, getting a gap right away. Lewy was pushing me a bit, as my legs refused to flush the lactic, so yes the pain was there! It wasn’t until the end of lap 1 or 2 that I started to ride into it, then I pushed the pace for the second half. It was so good to ride with someone that knows how to flow through tight trails, as well as being able to hammer climbs. And someone that is willing to hurt. That’s what team riding is all about and that’s how you win a pairs race. So we did, convincingly.

There are plans to include more fire trails next year, which will help with traffic, plus make it easier to feed. But the team work element will be increased even more, where ‘swapping off’ will work well. I can’t wait! And I’ll ride with Lewy any time.


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