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After seeing Cyclo Cross races on the net, as well as hearing about it from my Japanese mates, I’ve always wanted to get a bike and see what it’s all about. The attraction for me was the short, sharp, intense, and technical nature of the discipline. Roosting around sketchy trails on skinny tyres, road bars and average brakes seemed fun.

So Giant have sent me their 2013 TCX Advanced SL and I’m already hooked. Four rides in four days. I can’t help but want to try every trail on it. Stromlo, Ainslie, Majura, Kowen, Sparrow, Bruce. As well as Canberra’s main lake loop and other random roads. The danger will be when I hope back on my TCR roadie and take a dirt shortcut because I think I’m on my TCX!

So jumping on this CX bandwagon is looking promising, as rumours around town are of a 2013 Winter Cyclo-X series hitting Canberra. Plus the interstate series and just the training element – riding a fully rigid, twitchy, light, stiff rig with limited traction (although I’m surprised at how much traction it has). Surely the skills will be up. Even more than after my phase of riding fully rigid single speed a few years ago, which helped me sharpen up. I don’t think I’ll be using it in MTB races though. I’m not for that ‘self-inflicted excuse’ thing and don’t want to encourage the use of CX bikes as the latest tool of choice for tools (replacing single speeds and Pugsleys) who like to say: “If I wasn’t riding that bike…” instead of just riding as fast as they can and getting as much as they can out of themselves and the trail. Having said that, CX bikes are weapons on fast, smooth firetrails.

Anyway, I think this CX thing is going to be more of a passing fad.

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