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CORC Gravity Enduro

Having wanted to do a Gravity Enduro for ages, I was happy to hear CORC was running one to raise funds for local juniors to get to World Champs. A great cause and a free weekend to do it on. Without the hassles of getting a full face lid or armour, or waiting for lifted runs all day, this format more was for me. Hassle free.

Lycra at a Gravity Enduro – apparently taboo. But that’s what I wear every other time I ride, and I was using my XC bike, so I figured it was fine. Luckily I wasn’t the only one (thanks for the back up Gareth Paton). And this is what was cool about my first ‘Enduro’ race – the mix of people. Cross country riders, downhillers, beginners, elite, families, casual riders, roadies even. This format offers all riders something to enjoy and covers all aspects of mountain biking. Like most other rides I do, I got to kit up, roll out to Stromlo, cruise up the mountain, then pin down it, have a chat with mates, meet some new people, then roll home. On a nice sunny day like today what more could I ask for.

With no race fitness it really did hurt hammering flat out for a few minutes at a time. The lungs burned for ages after each run too. So I can confirm these things are good training even for XC. On the competitive side I was happy finishing second. Ben Cory smashed it for the win and Gareth Paton was third, which was great to see as he’s just coming back from a slack few years. He’ll always be able to ride fast though.

Besides the shock to the system physically, it took a while to get into the ‘downhill mode’, where you go flat out in every way, rather than the ‘conservation mode’ like in XC. By the fourth and last run of the day I was definitely in the swing of things. That made me want more. But I’ll have to wait until the next on, maybe the Rocky Trail edition in a few weeks. Thumbs up for Gravity Enduro!

Dylan Cooper Gravity Enduro

Photo: David Blucher

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