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Back on the Mac attack

duoclassic logoAside from a couple of road criteriums, I haven’t raced for a while. And since I’ve been putting some Ks under the belt, I’m keen to open it up ASAP. Especially in the new Target-Trek colours. What better way to ease into it than with a tough, but fun local race – the Duo Classic pairs race. It’s a great race earning it’s name as a really well run event with everything you want in a dirt race, with the bonus of doing it with a mate.

And what better person to race it with than power house and nice guy Dan Mcconnell. We’re pretty familiar with each others’ back wheels, having raced a fair bit together in races like L’Hexagonal in France. Hopefully I can match his pace this weekend in Kowen and Sparrow. #ItchingToRace. Hopefully the fire gods don’t force a cancellation again.

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